Torn Edge Prints

These are some of my favorites – many years ago I found that, all too often when preparing to paint a major work, I created a far too detailed drawing. I always meant to stop before it became too detailed but in many ways I think I learned that this was just part of “getting to know my subjects” and part of my process. So instead of fighting it I carried on learning about my subject by drawing detailed works that were preparation for the final work but they also became artworks in their own right.

This collection has been developed from some of those works and others that have had the qualities I required for this collection.

Why are they called torn edge?  

They are printed on beautiful heavy, archival, cotton rag paper. The edge of the paper is then carefully torn along all four sides (torn edge). When framed in my studio they are presented on a black mat board set back from the glass in their frame. 

They make a stylish and beautiful matched size set of artworks. There is something gentle and timeless in artworks in monochrome or sepia.