About Daryl Dickson

I am an Australian artist, author and conservationist.

I am fascinated, intrigued and some might say obsessed by wildlife and our stunning and precious Australian landscapes and the unique wildlife that surround me in the far north tropics of Queensland. 

My husband, Geoff Moffatt and I live surrounded by some of the most rare, ancient and beautiful landscapes on earth, we are privileged indeed!

We have close contact with some of Australia’s rarest and most endangered species, through our work in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.

Our home at Mungarru Lodge Sanctuary in the Kennedy Valley, tropical far north Queensland is shared with an amazing diversity of unique flora and fauna providing endless inspiration, interest and colour.

My work, income and inspiration are derived from these magnificent north Queensland landscapes, habitats and creatures.

The Australian wet tropics is a unique place of exceptional natural beauty and the ideal home for an artist.